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Stealth Grow Boxes

Although the marijuana reform movement is heavily on the rise, the goal of global legalization is still a long ways ahead.  In the interim, the market for stealth grow boxes will steadily increase as more cultivators will enter the field, however quietly.  The need for discrete participation in the culture is an unfortunate reality.

But the good news is there is an abundance of devices and techniques to garden in the privacy of your home.

CPU growbox / grow box in a computer

This stealth grow box is called The PC grow box and true to its name, resembles a PC computer tower.

It is 8.1 x 18.6″ x 20.6″ and costs approx. $500

The package also includes a beginner nutrient’s pack, as well as a key to lock the box.  They claim to be entirely light proof which is a necessity for properly growing cannabis.  There are two slots for plants inside the box.

The PC Grow Box Hydroponics Grow Cabinet

There are also some other PC grow box units by Mr Grow Pro which cost about $290-400 and come in three different colors.



Speaker growbox / grow box in a speaker